The Bling For 2020: What Kind of Jewelry is Most Popular?

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What kind of jewelry is most popular?

The most popular jewelry for 2020 includes oversized jewelry, mix and match pieces, and classic-style accessories. These may also include pieces of jewelry such as hoop and single earrings, jeweled collars, charm necklaces, pearls, and heirlooms. The trends of 2020 elevate jewelry that exudes style and statement, a clash of philosophies that make these trends interesting but also applicable to a wider audience.

Jewelry can be considered as the icing on top of one’s sweet outfit. Colored jewelry can set off monotone outfits. Feminine outfits can be set off with edgy pieces for balance. To complete a simple gown, a gorgeous layered necklace would be a show-stopper.

Buying jewelry is a matter of taste. Yet some individuals want to know what kind of jewelry is most popular. This works if you’re going to make sure that your outfit adheres to a specific look, say a party, or is in line with what’s on-trend.

What Kind of Jewelry is Most Popular?

Are you thinking of refreshing your entire wardrobe with new clothes? Well, you’re in luck as that is precisely what this article is all about. By the time you’re done with this reading, you’ll be ready to find that bling that perfectly suits your style. So, how about spicing up your jewelry stack with the hottest trends in jewelry? Here are some things you may want to stock up in your jewelry box.

The Loud and Proud: Oversized and Edgy Jewelry

A lot of the fine jewelry available usually follows a minimalist style. This is because a lot of the precious stones are already vivid and brilliant by themselves. A simple band or necklace is all it takes to make these stones dazzle.

For this year, though, a lot of the most popular jewelry brands are setting the trend of more catchy statement pieces to take center stage. Catwalks in 2020 are dominated by jewelry pieces that are almost the star of the show, accentuating clothes and dresses with an edgy attitude.

Go Edgy With Chain Links

Chain links have long been a fashion trend, but it’s out to set another record–this time for size.

If you have ever worn a chain link bracelet or necklace before, that’s because this kind of jewelry style is not necessarily new. Yet jewelry enthusiasts are bringing it back in an even better manner. For once, bigger has become better.

For this latest trend, chain link jewelry is getting an update on size. In case there are instances when they can be made thin, experts advise that layer then, such as layered chain link bracelets, will give them a different charm.

It’s a Hooplah on Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings bring a dynamic vibe to an outfit. If they are smaller and dainty-looking, they can perfectly accompany a corporate power suit. Make them a few diameters bigger with a pop of color; then, you can exude the girl boss with the winning attitude. Bigger still, however, may bring the drama your outfit needs for a makeover.

Because 2020 highlights oversized, statement pieces, hoop earrings aren’t exempted, what’s more, these hoops don’t conform to dull round shapes. From thick hoops to twisted metals, these are the perfect finishing touch to getting your message across through what you wear.

Two Ears, One Earring

For a lot of those who have seen the trends on the runway, what jewelry is trending right now would have to be the single earring trend. Earrings have always been a pair in traditional fashion. While the tunnel style has long been a go-to edgy way to showcase one earring, it had its own tone and style.

Now, people have started to take notice of how it would look like to just have one dangling earring on your outfit. On the runway, it looked best as a single dangling earring. The longer the fringes or, the larger the shape, the more eye-catching it would be.

Collar Necklaces That Shine

If there is a statement necklace that can outshine everything else, it would have to be the jeweled collar. Apart from the literal fact that it sparkles and makes a lot of people do a double turn, it is also one of the elegant accessories that does not scream “fake.” Even jeweled collars that have less precious stones or are more bedazzled than studded with real diamonds, they can still look like a moment worthy of a dazzling night.

Mix and Match

Monotony may be the last thing that the jewelry industry wants. Between oversized options and colorful pieces, it’s all about finding your groove–even if they are not even symmetrical or equal! Here are three ways to mix and match materials and styles in your next outfit.

The most popular jewelry 2019 styles were mostly muted metals, dainty charms, and small pendants. These make for very fine jewelry. However, if you are looking for a different style to add to your current outfit, you won’t go wrong with these three approaches.

Different Stones for Different Folks

Some of the cool jewelry brands are looking at stones differently this year. If before, mixing metals may have been a nice touch to giving jewelry a different vibe; their approach now is focused on the stones.

Metals are taking a backseat because with different stones come the different and vibrant colors that numerous combinations can make. This means that beadwork and ceramic beads can now take center stage because they go well with specific stones.

While these certainly make for fabulous costume jewelry, you can also opt to add in a few precious stones in the mix. This is the color of the year, so going brighter and bolder goes a long way.

Combining different stones can create a myriad of styles that won’t hold you back on your style.

Mismatched Earrings

Who says earrings always have to come in pairs of the same style? If some guys can wear mismatched socks and still look on-point wearing a suit, women can also get away with mismatched earrings. This is an easy style to DIY as well–if you already have a lot of colorful earrings at home, take one from each style, and strut off.

Or, if you want to be more deliberate about the option, jewelers are now selling intentionally mismatched earrings. The great thing about this is if you want to go easy on the one-earring style, you can certainly just go for a simple stud on one ear to complete your look.

Charm Necklaces

If you want a new take on popular women’s jewelry, then it would have to be the charm necklaces. Used to be, a jewelry box will not be complete without those adorable charms peppering a leather band or a silver chain. Now, the jewelry industry elevates the design by putting it on a longer chain.

Jewelry lovers are seeing the new appeal of long and dangling charm necklaces. It elevates the idea of having a pendant necklace by allowing anywhere between four to seven charms that are linked to the front of the necklace. Unlike their bracelet counterparts, the charms are not linked across the entire necklace, so you do not have to worry about having charms up to your neck.

The best thing about this style is that you can even do your own design. If you have old pendant bracelets that now feel a little lonely being the only one on the necklace band, then try putting two or three beside it, spaced just right to mimic charm bracelets.

Classic Favorites You Can Never Go Wrong With

Despite all the new trends, however, the classic pieces will always stay. This time, 2020 jewelry trends see a twist to the favorite elegant pearl and heirloom style rings. It’s time to whip out those classic pieces and wear them again like they’re brand new. Just remember to try a few new techniques on how to wear them so you can update your wardrobe.

The Timeless Favorite: Pearls

Even though it’s time for color and bold choices to shine in 2020, it seems that pearls are here to shine the brightest. While it is not the first that comes to mind when you ask what kind of jewelry is most popular, pearls have an enduring quality.

Jewelry experts are seeing all styles and accessories, from headpieces to drop earrings made of pearls. But the most eye-catching style would be layered necklaces, which can showcase your pearls while retaining their elegance.

Pearls are a testament to timeless styles, but you can put a modern twist by layering your pearls.

Bring Out the Heirlooms

Heirlooms are part of the answer to the question, why is jewelry so popular. Some heirloom pieces follow specific designs from the time they were created. This year, heirlooms and heirloom-inspired jewelry will become all the rage.

What classifies as heirloom jewelry? Try to find your grandma’s stash of rings. Note that while some of them may look like fashion or even costume jewelry, a number of those will potentially have precious stones. And because they were made when excess and lavishness appeared to affect even the way jewelry was designed, you can be sure that you are looking at rich details in these pieces.

If there was ever a kind of jewelry that exudes personality and attitude, it would have to be heirloom accessories. Best of all, you would be hard-pressed to find similar rings and pendants elsewhere!

Shoe Jewelry

If you think shoe jewelry consists of only an anklet, then you have much to discover about this style.  Some jewelry designers are finding a new way to integrate accessorizing the feet without sticking to anklets. Embellishments, such as bejeweled straps, can transform your shoes from bare to bold.

A lot of the shoes on the catwalk have been studded with crystal strands and loops on chains. Anklets have diversified. Gone are the days of woven beach-style anklets and simple bands. It’s all about putting texture to make it really matter to your style.

Who would have thought that jewelry and shoes will make a perfect combination?

How to Wear These Jewelry Pieces–And Not Have Them Wear You

Knowing what kind of jewelry is most popular nowadays is just the tip of the iceberg. To truly embrace the trends, you need to understand how to wear them in a manner that makes them shine.

Pairing Colorful Stones with Muted Outfits

This 2020 may be a time of shifts–from dainty fine jewelry to more muted outfits. If you want to rock the monotonous outfit, make sure to break it with colorful beadwork. Even chain link necklaces and jeweled collars can instantly put some texture into your outfit. In terms of what are some good jewelry brands to source out these accessories, a lot of big and smaller names carry them, especially colorful stones.

The goal here is to create contrast. Colorful stones pop out in a muted background. For more textured pieces, even if they are in plain metals, the intricacy of their design will make the statement for you.

Wear the Seasons

Trendy jewelry designers have seen the appeal of embellishments in jewelry. The mix of clashes between edgy and classic makes it easier to wear the trends on different occasions. What’s more, the styles seem to go with the seasons. Bright colors can make the darker clothes of winter look festive and bright.

Muted and pastel tones of spring can be complemented by silver streaks, specifically when they are textured or bejeweled. The vivid colors of summer can be paired with pearls, just so you can have a cheerful yet elegant homage to the ocean’s breeze. Finally, autumn’s deep earth tones can be set off by mismatched earrings, oversized hoops, and charm necklaces. All of these can create chic styles, even when you are just dressed with a deep warm blouse and simple jeans.


Source: Gem Rock Auctions

While rings still dominate the jewelry market–a lot of the 2020 jewelry trends are playing quick catchup, thanks to their mix of timeless and quirky selections. ║ Source: Gem Rock Auctions

Testing the Waters of Your Style

Trends may come and go, but 2020 is full of such diverse selections and possibilities. If you are not the type to go all-out with the statement pieces, a good place to start would be the classic options. Try to look for heirloom pieces from your old jewelry box or an aunt’s or mother’s. These are simple statement pieces that you can start wearing to get comfortable with the style.

If single earrings are already too out there to blend with your natural look, start small by choosing mismatched earrings and letting this new quirkiness sit with your style. From here, you can also experiment with charm necklaces. The mix of daintiness and quirkiness from the different charms will make you feel at home, especially if you have already been wearing simple necklaces and charm bracelets before. Finally, try pairing a jeweled collar with a simple cocktail dress and see how that works out for you.

Wearing jewelry is all about being comfortable with your style. While these are the latest trends, you can still subscribe to your personal standard collection. Just don’t be afraid to take small steps and let yourself enjoy the fun that new styles can bring.

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