How to Be A Shining Bride: Pre-Wedding Wellness Tips

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So, you’re excited for your wedding day, correct? But if you are the bride, there’s a big chance you are already experiencing a lot of stress even with the wedding being some months away. Often, people have stories of bridezillas who transformed during the wedding, making it feel as if the wedding is a stressful event rather than the realization of a dream. Consider the pre-wedding wellness tips below.

Pre-Wedding Wellness Tips

While the wedding is definitely something you need to address, here are a few things to also ensure that you get to your own wedding safe and sound. Remember, no matter how great the dress, the reception, the ring, or even the honeymoon destination is, it will never be as great as having a bride and groom who cross the finish line healthy and secure. Here are a few pre-wedding wellness tips to do just that.

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Get proper meals

It always starts with a good meal. Part of the wedding blues is the seemingly pervasive myth of weight loss. Some brides tend to connect weddings to the idea that they need to somehow reach an ideal body to walk down the aisle in the wedding dress of their dreams.

What happens because of that? Some brides may have this one question in mind, “What diet should be taken before marriage?”. And some brides-to-be end up trying out fad diets for an instant slimdown. Some studies even show that those who do these crash diets tend to continue the habit even months after the wedding.

Whether it’s your wedding or not, it’s a fact that fad diets rarely work properly and in a healthy manner. Those pounds or inches that you shed may come at the bigger cost of a health risk later on. Start something healthy and more permanent, such as changing your eating habits throughout the day.

If you’re lucky enough to have some lead time between now and your wedding date, it’s highly possible to see some changes without sacrificing health. And it starts with choosing healthier options, honing your discipline, and keeping your eye on the prize.

Match it with exercise

It also helps to create a workout plan that works with all the wedding arrangements. Again, asking, “How can I be healthy before marriage?” isn’t any different whether it’s before the wedding or when you make slimming down a New Year’s resolution goal. It’s all about the mix of proper meals with regular exercise.

It’s a combination that works at a slow and steady pace. In the same way that you should avoid crash diets due to their health risks, it’s also advisable not to overwork yourself with physical workouts either.

A woman sleeping
Sleep should be a sacred part of your routine. It’s so you can keep looking fresh days before and after the wedding!

Don’t miss your shut-eye

Stressed out about your wedding venue? Suppliers not responding to your call? Guest list still not finalized? When you’re planning an event as major as your wedding, it seems like 24 hours is not enough for one day—not even with a wedding planner to help you out!

Start with getting proper sleep. It’s easy to get lost in the flurry of wedding planning. And as much as you would want it to be the most perfect day of your life, something will not be “perfect.” But just because you encounter a few hiccups doesn’t mean your wedding is a disaster.

It’s part of the experience, and you’ll be better equipped to deal with these unexpected speed bumps if you always have a good night’s rest leading to your wedding day.

Practice that posture

Between dieting and exercising, some brides-to-be may think that these are the only two ways to achieve that glowing bridal look. However, you may easily overlook one simple practice that can actually do wonders: having a good posture.

When you’re slumped with work or feeling overworked from all of the wedding blues, you may naturally tend to roll your shoulders forward in a relaxed but improper posture. If you’re wondering “What should I be doing 2 weeks before my wedding?” it’s easy. Ensure that you adopt a posture of confidence and energy.

Straightened shoulders make a difference when you’re walking down the aisle or when you’re waiting by the altar. Not only is it a sign of confidence, but it will definitely do wonders for how you look and present your wedding outfit.

Got 30 Days Before W-Day? How To Not Get Stressed

It’s a common myth for many brides- and grooms-to-be that pre-wedding wellness tips need to happen just a few weeks before the wedding. In reality, it’s better to start making changes at least half a year or so before the big day, especially if you start your planning just as early.

If there’s only a month to go before the big day, you may be left wondering, “What should I do 30 days before my wedding?” Worry not, since 30 days can still make a world of difference in wellness preparation. It’s all about being consistent with the changes that you want to implement and sticking to it until the wedding—or even beyond it!

Practice mindfulness of stress

Every future married couple experiences stress during wedding preparations. But you shouldn’t be overwhelmed. Pull yourself out of the stress pitfall and pull off your wedding day looking fresh through mindfulness.

Allot one day a week where you will not be doing anything wedding related. Let this be your rest day so you can enjoy other things with your beau or your family. Wedding life will definitely change a lot of your routine, so make sure you appreciate the activities you enjoy and see how you can incorporate them even with the upcoming status change.

Know what you want–and leave all the rest behind

When you start planning your wedding, it’s easy to get sucked into a black hole of choices and possibilities. Ironically, this can also add to the stress of making a decision and sticking to it.

A woman arranging flowers
Shopping for supplies can be daunting, but don’t be confused with too many options. You have what you want, so try to look along those lines.

Instead of allowing yourself to always stay open to new ideas for the wedding, make it a point to sit down with your partner and talk about what you both want. Once you’ve decided, make sure that the steps you take align with your original plan. If you need to deviate—whether because it’s hard to push through with the plan or if you need to make adjustments to accommodate—try to stay focused on what you need to achieve. The more streamlined your plans are, the easier it may be to find good alternatives without more stress.

Try some IV therapy

No matter how tough things get, don’t forget the essentials. And this includes supplements to keep your immune system fired up and strong.

It may seem like a last resort, but consider IV therapy to boost your immune system. This gives you a proper foundation when it comes to the essential vitamins and minerals, some of which you might miss or deplete the more stressful things get. Monthly IVs can be a chore, but if it means saving you from unexpected downtimes, it might be worth the shot.

But just because you put this on the table shouldn’t mean a free pass to miss the other essentials. Proper hydration, essential supplements, and good dietary choices are still top priorities.

If you can, take some time off early

Preparing for a wedding is already a big task in itself. If you can take the time off from work and other responsibilities, try to do so. Adding on the wedding stress to your regular one could easily overwhelm you not just physically, but in other aspects as well.

Plan out when you would need to take time off the most. At the start of the wedding planning, you may leave the scouting to the wedding planner. As you get near the date, it’s imperative that you become more hands-on. When this happens, channeling your energy towards accomplishing the remaining details of the planning can give you more time to prepare without overexerting yourself.

A woman working on a laptop while standing
Take some time off, but also consider getting a wedding planner to avoid being overwhelmed.

Couple Goals: Wellness For The Bride and Groom

As they say, it takes two to tango in a relationship. And this cannot be more prominent as it is before the wedding. If you’re a bride-to-be who has been in charge of all the planning since your beau popped the question, it shouldn’t mean you’re in this alone.

Pre-wedding wellness tips should involve both the bride and the groom. Both of you should be of sound mind and body when you exchange your vows. Beyond physical care, you can do other routines as a couple to get hitched without any hiccups. And you can start this even before you say “I do.”

Do a dry run for goal setting

When you get married, you need to consider your actions alongside your partner’s. After all, relationships, especially those for the long haul, should include both you and your partners’ thoughts and feelings about certain matters.

One of the things you may run into would be the issue of goal setting. Wellness is not just about physical health, but also emotional and psychological stability. Weddings can take quite the toll as you plan everything—up to the wedding afterparty, but expect similar challenges even when you settle into married life.

Think of goal setting practice as part of the 2 weeks before wedding beauty tips. When you manage goals with your partner and learn to talk it out, it’s almost like a dry run of how effective your communication and compromise skills will be in the future. And learning to be on the same side or reaching a good middle ground can actually do wonders for your health and wellness. Nothing’s better than a couple who can communicate their wants and needs to each other!

A couple sorting fruits
Plan your wedding together, and create a harmonious routine at the same time!

Slide into a couple’s routine

Another aspect of your married life that you can do a dry run on would be establishing your routine. This may be especially helpful to couples who do not cohabit before the wedding. Once you move in together, there’s going to be a lot of changes in the way you do things. Even if you stay separate until the honeymoon, learning to coordinate schedules can go a long way. It can be the practice run for when you’re doing the actual performance in your new sweet home.

Get invested in each other’s health

Just as with brides-to-be, future grooms also tend to ask about the diet plan before marriage for male. If this is the case, why not make it a couple’s activity and goal instead?

Whether it’s to fit well into your wedding gown or suit or make better choices, it’s imperative to invest in each other’s health. You wouldn’t want sickness to be the first trial of marriage, right?

Invest in more long-term health-related activities, like getting a trainer who you can work with as a couple. Find a class that you can sustain even after the wedding jitters are over. Be each other’s gym buddy so you can grow physically, as well as mentally, spiritually, and emotionally in your partnership. It’s all about sharing in the highs and lows of each other—and always supporting each other’s endeavor and interests.

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