What’s Your Sign? Match It With The Right Jewelry!

Whether you are a daily reader of the horoscope or not, you’ve probably encountered the astrology signs and how they seemingly affect your life. Considering how a lot of this has to do with energy and the cosmic placement, it’s no surprise that sometimes, some predictions just do complement the energy you give off.

Even if you do not fully subscribe to the horoscope, you can’t deny the symbols and meanings that astrology signs make for good jewelry.  Who would have thought that jewelry and zodiac sign can be a good match? If you’re looking for good inspiration for a jewelry piece or design, try checking on your zodiac signs!

The Star Jewelry For Your Star Sign

Jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes. With the wide array of options to choose from, there may be one that’s meant to reflect your star’s energy. Whether it is a studded bracelet or a gemstone ring, see what kind of jewelry best fits your Rashi.

The Delicate Dressers

When it comes to the classics, it’s hard to beat the Gemini in the game they’ve perfected. Instead of loud accessories, they prefer muted pieces with special sparkles that they can personally enjoy.

When it comes to charms, no one finds a better choice than the Capricorns. They like zodiac sign necklaces or those with charms that express their mood without changing their style too much.

Because of their perfectionist nature, Virgos may be more attracted to subtlety and grace. They want simple, minimal jewelry that still makes you take notice. Their wardrobe will never be complete without a single pearl ring.

If you had to describe the Pisces woman’s sense of style, it would be soft and stylish. A single, delicate charm on a metal bracelet, such as angel wings or a feather, reminds a Pisces of the joys of freedom.

The Show Stoppers

The flurry of a Libra’s life means they want to experience a lot of things, be it the latest fashion trend or a revival of the classics. Hence, statement earrings, which are fashion-forward but also timeless depending on the design, let them enjoy the best of both worlds.

Statement earrings certainly grab attention and can give your look a complete overhaul.

When looking for zodiac signs jewelry Amazon is a good place to start. If you are a Leo person, try looking for dramatic pieces that have bold colors. Leos love gold and vivid hues, as they reflect their inner passions through jewelry.

If you want a sign that will bring the “show” in show stopper, that would be none other than the Aries. Their fashion motif screams maximalist. If that’s not enough, they may be the first to go with angular or odd-shaped pieces just to give fashion setters a show.

Earrings may seem like minimalist jewelry pieces–that is, until you go for floral ones in vivid hues. This is how a Taurus woman will seek out a beautiful style that gives classic pieces a loud twist.

The Sexy Statements

Scorpio and the lace choker: If you ever thought that danger was Scorpio’s middle name, then a lace choker becomes even more apt as a jewelry piece that brings sexy back.

Sagittarius loves a new adventure, so they want to try new looks that still complement their style. Thus, they may be the ones to sport ear cuffs, especially those that have sentimental value that reflect their adventurous selves.

Scribble pendants, especially with words like “love,” may not seem like the most daring of accessories. Yet for the Cancer woman, this equates to wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve. And that is as sexy as any other jewelry.

The master of shapes, Aquarius shows a seductive side not by baring it all, but rather bringing seductive qualities to their fashion sense. It’s all about being playful and having the style to pull it off.

Since zodiac signs fall on corresponding months, some believe that their birth stones could also work with the same energy as their zodiac signs. (Source: Ottomanhands.com)

Bonus: The Infamous Tortoise Ring

If you have brushed up on your Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, you may have heard of the tortoise ring. As the name suggests, this type of ring is shaped like a tortoise that’s perched on the ring band. This symbol holds a lot of meaning for those who follow the Hindu mythology. The tortoise symbolizes Vishnu and his rebirth. For the Feng Shui following, tortoise symbolizes longevity, luck, and wealth.

Thus, a lot of people ask which Rashi can wear turtle ring. Its benefits appear to be prosperity on all fronts. In itself, the tortoise already symbolizes longevity since it is the animal with potentially the longest lifespan of such creatures. When worn as a ring, it even doubles its supposed potency since fingers are considered as the points of power in a person’s body.

To Wear or Not to Wear a Tortoise Ring?

Ideally, a tortoise ring needs to be worn on the middle or the index finger of the left hand for women. For men, this needs to be on the right hand. In both cases, make sure that the head of the tortoise is facing towards you, so that the flow of energy will be inward, instead of heading out.

Beyond all of these guidelines, one other interesting fact here is that it is not considered as any old jewelry that one can just wear on a whim. In fact, people ask which Rashi should not wear tortoise ring, as there can be consequences. That said, specific a jewelry and zodiac sign sometimes just do not match, and this can be considered the case for the tortoise ring.

Among the zodiac signs that may not benefit from the tortoise ring include Aries, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.

The Power of Gemstones For Your Sign

If you think your star’s complementary jewelry piece still lacks that oomph, why not add a powerful gemstone? Choose one that not only reflects your star’s personality but one that adds to your energy.

The Vivid Stones

Some zodiac signs are a great match for specific vividly colored gemstones. For example, Aries call to the diamonds and rubies. The first one is the signature treasured of all stones, while the latter’s vivid red mirrors the Aries’s go-getter attitude.

Cancers also favor rubies, because the vividness of its color signifies the homely warmth that people under this star sign convey. The Sagittarius favors the jewelry of freedom, which is symbolized by sapphire and turquoise.

There’s a reason vivid blue sapphire remains a big favorite–it adds instant sophistication to any outfit.

Another sign that favors the virility of red stones is the Capricorn. The garnet’s energy, known for being a stone signifying compassion and perseverance, bounces off of a Capricorn’s affection and independence.

The Timeless Treasures

Some signs prefer timeless treasures. For instance, a Piscean woman would go for three of the ultimate timeless gemstones, namely aquamarine, amethyst, and ruby. While the aquamarine best symbolizes the Pisces’ way of beauty, courage, and purity, they can also turn to the energies of the amethyst and ruby to complement their nature.

Pearl will be a forever favorite in jewelry, but they shine even more when in the jewelry of a Virgo. Pearls symbolize maturity and ambition, making them the perfect adornment of a Virgo woman’s ultimate power suit.

When you are creative and original like an Aquarius, there is no better stone to channel your energy than the amethyst. It is known to be the stone of inspiration and sincerity, which mirrors the Aquarius’s humanitarian soul.

The Unique Choices

Some gemstones are not the priority favorites, but they do a great job nonetheless. These unique choices do not only feel less mainstream, but they also match their wearers almost to a T.

The choice of zodiac sign jewelry Leo for the strong types are surprisingly peridot. The olive-green semi-precious stone does not appear to reflect the flaming red of other finer stones that suit a Leo spirit. But the peridot exudes positive power of almost talisman levels. It has been used to expand one’s connection to the universe and other life–truly a stone that can complement the Leo way.

Libras may be the most flirtatious and fashion-forward of the signs. It’s not a surprise that the opal, a stone that is seductive in its variety of colors and shades, makes for a good match. Interestingly, it may be the stone to ground a Libra’s flighty nature, as the opal is an emotion stabilizer and a grounder to build foundations of loyalty.

The mystery of the Scorpio individual has finally met its match in the blue topaz. Unlike its yellow or colorless counterparts, the blue topaz from the US is quite rare.

For the zodiac sign jewelry, Gemini persons are quite fitting for two stones to complement each better half. Because of Gemini’s love for communication and multitasking, channeling the energy of the multicolored agate is akin to juggling the energies of its many hues. Add in a big dash of purple through amethyst, and this amplifies the energy with a splash of luck.

Made for Metals

Outside of gemstones and jewelry design, the final thing you can consider when choosing a piece of jewelry or a ring according to zodiac sign would be the metals. Try to have one piece of jewelry dedicated to being your zodiac sign jewelry. Match the right metal with your compatible birthstone, and just let the universe decide its course from that little nudge.

Uranium Metals, like Aluminum, Platinum, and Titanium

If you’ve ever asked which Rashi can wear platinum and you fall under the star of the twins, the virgin, the fishes, and the humanitarian Aquarius, then you are in luck. Individuals under these star signs thrive when they have jewelry that contain their birthstones set in these metals.


When it comes to the spark of gold, there are no two other signs fitting for this metal other than Leo and Sagittarius. Leos love the flashiness and power that expensive metals such as gold exude. While sturdier metals exist, nothing beats the classic.

For Sagittarians, gold matches their optimism and progressiveness. Sure, gold may seem like the standard for tradition. In reality, gold can be as flexible as a Sagittarian needs it to be.


It’s easy to dismiss copper as one of the not-so-fine jewelry metals. Costume jewelry uses copper as add-ons or main metals. In reality, a pure copper bracelet or band has been known to have certain healing qualities that elevate one’s energy levels. More than the physical benefits, copper also has the value of anti-aging.

Copper is usually mixed with other base metals to create intricate costume jewelry.

Taurus and Libra benefit from these healing qualities. Both of these signs need to surround themselves with beautiful things. This makes copper a perfect match, being the base metals for fashion jewelry. At the same time, copper balances out the energy of these two signs through its healing properties.


Silver remains one of the ultimate favorites for metals in jewelry. While it’s not the top pick like gold or platinum, silver always gets picked for a reason. It is a reliable metal with a lot of reliable properties.

What other star signs can ask “which finger should I wear my zodiac power ring in silver?” than Cancer, Capricorn, and Aries! This trio has always been reliable, stable, and passionate movers. They may not be the first you notice, but they make things happen behind the scene.


Knowing that a Scorpio’s personality is unique, it’s almost so fitting to see it being the only match for iron. When asked about zodiac signs metals, it seems that only the Scorpio can handle. When it comes to practicality, iron is rarely used by itself as metals for jewelry. Iron ultimately rusts, yet there have been jewelry that dates back to a historic time. Jewelry made from this metal existed for protection, healing, and restoration.

Iron may be more used for costume jewelry, but they can create for great pieces.

Iron may be a base metal, but it makes stronger products when mixed with other metals. Scorpios just love how that textured history make them feel powerful and alive.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

Of course, at the end of the day, what jewelry you wear and how you wear it still depends on your style. Always remember that your zodiac may exude a specific energy that complements certain styles. Yet, this should not box you in just one style.

Zodiac jewelry is all about amplifying your inner energy. But that’s not to say that you cannot take from other signs’ energies and see how they work on you!